The Astonishingly Simple Reason Companies Often Ignore Expired Domains To Boost Their SEO

Expired domains are often overlooked as valuable assets for businesses and individuals looking to establish an online presence.

While acquiring an expired domain can be complex, the benefits of doing so can be great. Expired domains can provide businesses instant credibility and a preexisting web traffic base.

For individuals, expired domains can be a way to start online without starting from scratch. In either case, expired domains can be a helpful tool in building an online presence.

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What is an expired domain?

The term “expired domain” refers to a domain name that once pointed to an active website but has since expired or otherwise not been renewed. This indicates that the domain no longer hosts an active website.

That might increase the value of the currently available expiring domain significantly. The domain name is indicated by the backlinks pointing to it and the history of that old website. It might be the ideal way to launch a new site if the old site had a long history and strong backlinks.

Despite the fact that there are literally millions of expired domains available, very few of them are worthwhile pursuing. There are still thousands to tens of thousands of good expired domain names that can give a new website some serious SEO juice or give SEO juice to an existing site via redirect.

Why are expired domains important?


Effective branding is crucial. Some websites might have names that are distinctive or memorable. A significant advantage of using an old domain name that became available is being able to capitalize on that.

This can take many different shapes, including:

A major advantage of using an expired domain is that your site can “borrow” the credibility and branding of the old sites’ past success to enhance its own.

A used domain name may also have a negative or fraudulent history or reputation, which is why it’s crucial to stay away from them.

Current Backlins

Backlinks point to the domain, so even if a website isn’t renewed, the domain name still benefits from the power of the backlinks already in place.

Finding outdated restaurant websites or online newspapers is one niche that many website builders have had success with. Both of these websites frequently receive links, and some of them may even get highly sought-after backlinks.

For the majority of potential buyers, the expiring domains’ backlink profile is the most crucial factor.

Current Traffic

A newly launched website benefits greatly from its existing traffic. This may result from people entering the domain name inquisitively to see what website is there, or more frequently, if they were familiar with the previous site, they may enter the name to visit it again or to see what has become of it.

Already existing traffic presents an opportunity to demonstrate Google value right away, and traffic from other sources diversifies traffic away from Google and, in the opinion of many SEOs, serves as at least a rudimentary SEO indicator.

Additionally, it is merely current traffic, and every bit of it gives you a chance to increase your brand’s visibility and generate income.

Domain Age

In general, older domains are preferable. For Google and other search engines, having a lengthy history in search engines is a good sign. This makes indexing new content simpler, constitutes at least a small portion of EAT, and may even be among the thousands of factors that Google takes into account when determining how to rank websites.

A domain’s age can be a huge asset, especially if it has a history that can be viewed on the Wayback Machine for at least 15 or 20 years.

How to Use Exired Domains

Creating Authority Websites

One of the most well-liked applications for a good expired domain is this. Finding a domain with a strong track record and backlinks from reputable sites like The New York Times, Business Insider, or well-known brands in a particular niche is a huge advantage when developing a new website.

An experienced site builder can learn from a strong enough backlink profile that creating one of the best websites in a particular niche is entirely feasible using only the juice from the expired domain.

Building an authority site off of an expired domain is much simpler than starting from scratch and can be very profitable.

301 Redirect to the Money Site

A 301 redirect is a fantastic way to transfer the backlink juice from expired or old domains to an already active website. It’s crucial to have a competent tech person who can complete this task correctly.

If done correctly, that 301 will transfer the backlink power from the expired domain to your current site, potentially giving it a significant boost.

Creating a PBN

Although many in the website development and SEO community disagree with the use of PBNs, there is no denying that it can be very profitable. Website owners will be interested in receiving a backlink from a reliable domain, and when used properly, PBNs can be effective and lucrative.

Get the Old Site Back

Sometimes you take on a project that is beyond your capacity or that you simply lack the time for. It ran out of time, escaped potential buyers, and is now lying around. A great way to use an expired domain name that you know has some history or “juice” to it is to get it back and rebuild the site later.

This also applies if your website had excellent content but was penalized in the past for using spam techniques and was unable to recover. If it was excellent, I would find a good expiring domain to put the content on.

This might breathe new life into the site.

That battered old website might become profitable at its new URL with a new domain name, new backlink profile, and a focus on quality content to avoid the previous mistakes.

How to find expired domains

Now that you know how to benefit from expired domains, I’ll show you where to look for them quickly.

If you don’t mind getting your hands dirty, you can use two tools to find expired domains.

Both of these tools will assist you in finding expired domains, but to avoid the most common pitfalls, you must carefully vet the domains you find.

Make sure the domains have clean backlink profiles, a clean history, weren’t ever used as part of a PBN, and weren’t deindexed from Google as a result of a penalty.


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Visit this page for assistance and explanations:

Using Spamzilla

One of the few domain databases on the market, SpamZilla, contains backlink information that can be used to identify domains with high SEO value. When it comes to removing abused and misused domains, this is crucial.


Website for the Spamzilla Help Desk:


Companies often ignore expired domains to boost their SEO because they are unaware of their potential benefits. Expired domains can provide a boost to a company’s SEO efforts by providing links and keywords that are relevant to their business. Additionally, expired domains can help to improve a company’s visibility in search engines.

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